Mar 28, 2010

I am not Naomi. I am Julian. Naomi posted her first blog entry yesterday. It had three paragraphs, I believe, and was really nice.

Today I should add a small function to her blog -- it should group blog entries on overview pages. I messed up. I mean, I did it, and it's working now, I believe, but in the process I wasn't very smart. I did not only delete her blog entry by accident, but even the backup. And that should never happen. And I am ashamed that it did. It's been a long time that I destroyed content of relevance by accident, and I can't remember destroying someone else's content. And I am really sorry. All I can remember is that her blog entry ended with a comment encouraging you to use the contact form to write her.

Last two characters were "<3". I am sure she will write something nice when she's back.

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